Time ago I’ve written about KDE configuration. I’ve been using KDE for a while in my personal laptop, but never really got into using KDE in my workstation. Simply I find Gnome much more productive environment in the long-term. (Disclaimer: likely I’m very biased here since I’ve been using Gnome-like desktops for over 10 years now and those seem natural to me. Still I think KDE is fantastic.)

Gnome3 came with extensions. Those are really cool, but be aware that some extensions may brake from release-to-release. Also some may have certain incompatibilities. Below I’m describing briefly which extensions I’m using…

Just in case you can’t read it here, you can find this also in my personal blog.

You wrote up your excellent idea as a Python program/module but you are unsatisfied with its performance. The chances are high most of us have been there at least once. I’ve been there last week.

I found an excellent method for outlier detection (Enhanced Isolation Forest). eIF was initially written in Python and later optimised in Cython (using C++). C++ is ~40x faster than the vanilla Python version, but it lacks the possibility to save the model (which is crucial for my project)…

Lately, we’ve spent quite some time trying to build a GPU-enabled containers that’d work with both, Docker and Singularity. The problem is that GPU-support differs conceptually between the two, Singularity uses host GPU drivers and CUDA-toolkit installed, while Docker with nvidia-container-toolkit still requires CUDA-toolkit to be installed inside your container (but without GPU-drivers).

Note, all below examples were tested with Ubuntu 18.04.3, Docker v19.03+ and singularity v2.6.0. Newer versions of Singularity should work just fine, but we experienced difficulties building images from Docker with Singularity v3.4.0, so just be aware of that.

CUDA is enabled in Docker via nvidia-docker. You still need to install CUDA toolkit inside your containers though. Source: https://github.com/NVIDIA/nvidia-docker.

Singularity and CUDA — it can’t be simpler!

So if you wish to use Singularity with…


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